Key Management Group, Inc.

Our Offerings

AT KMG, we provide world-class IT services that help companies better serve their customers, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. 

No matter, whether you are a seasoned professional or just stepped in the market; it is vital to get your customer experience right, all the time. As an IT Company, we have decades of experience offering technology and software development services with proven capabilities in Application Development, legacy application migration, and application maintenance.

With our innovative technology solutions and deep industry experience, we help drive digital transformation in mobility solutions and quality engineering. Using our proven software development project framework, we have delivered on-time, cost-effective business applications to our clients, while maintaining the highest engineering standards.

KMG has been delivering innovative and effective IT solutions for its customers in the healthcare and insurance industry. We provide custom IT solutions for Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance facilitating seamless enterprise management in insurance business processes such as agency submissions, claims handling, accounts receivables & payables, customer service and a host of other IT services for Carriers and P&C Insurance Agents.

We have expertise in various healthcare technologies, processes/compliance standards (HIPAA, HL7 among others) and a highly cost-effective & proven delivery model. KMG works as an extension of your IT Department to cost-effectively improve workflows, enhance and maintain existing systems as well as develop new applications.

Custom Development

KMG has a team of technology experts with competency around understanding and developing customised solutions for our client’s IT application requirements.

We, at KMG, take effort to understand your application requirements, and accordingly prepare architecture, develop, integrate, test and finally implement it. Through our powerful, scalable and cost-effective custom development services, you can collaborate to fill the functional gaps and fuel your business growth.

Our custom application developers are experts with Web Development, Open Source, WebSphere, Mobility, Legacy Support, Web Services, Salesforce and Word Press. For over three decades, we’ve been delivering high-quality custom application development services, web applications and mobile apps to clients across P&C Insurance and Healthcare domain.


The ever-changing digital era is transforming the pace of businesses today. To stay ahead of this transformation, IT leaders need to run their core operations focusing on modernizing and optimizing the traditional ways of managing IT.

Traditional IT environments are not geared to respond swiftly to dynamic business needs, thereby consuming the majority of their time, energy and money, rendering IT to play a support role rather than leading change. By interconnecting internal solutions and perfectly synchronized systems, which communicate optimally with each other, companies’ can lower down costs, improve efficiency and drive business growth.

Our interface services offers an end-to-end solution to integrate IT infrastructure and applications into a unified foundation. AT KMG, our experienced team of engineers are able to map your company’s systems as well as external cloud architectures in a common infrastructure.


KMG offers a wide range of software testing services for the next-generation enterprises. We implement the best possible software testing methodologies and applications, to deliver on our promise of quality engineering and assurance. From testing performance and functionality to implementing complex test automation, our testing service encompasses everything that enables us to deliver a quality product swiftly.

Our experienced and deep-skilled quality assurance professionals are well-versed in all the standard test types and beyond. Using our years of expertise in providing testing and web & mobile app development services, we use the best approach, tools, and frameworks. At KMG, testing solutions isn’t just about finding bugs and sending error reports. Our perceptive QA specialists dig beneath the surface, identify patterns and uncover trends to get at the source of issues.

BI & Analytics

Business intelligence systems regulate the flow of both structured & unstructured data and help organizations gain access to new business opportunities, increased revenue and reduced costs.

KMG’s BI and Analytics expertise enables you to create, enhance or/and expand your business capability through insights-driven decision making. We offer comprehensive Business Intelligence and Analytics services that help clients unleash the true potential of their data.

Our team of expert data scientists, data warehouse designers, and analytic analysts enables organizations to gain deep insights to their data and take the right action to ensure their success. We provide full application support, including planning, designing, executing, and supporting every stage of the BI process.


KMG offers customized and focused AI solutions to problems that previously required a great deal of human intelligence. Our AI & ML portfolio powers oganizations with intelligent features that eliminate human errors and drive better business outcomes.

Our expert AI developers are there to develop, deploy, and manage AI-enabled solutions for our clients. We help businesses harness the power of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), streaming data, and predictive analytics to make intelligent business decisions and drive profitable business outcomes.

From healthcare to P&C insurance, we can help you leverage AI/ ML algorithms to cater to your business needs. We, at KMG, helps customers optimize their businesses and boost their productivity, using our machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise.

Cloud and IoT

Backed by a team of Cloud App Developers and IoT engineers, we provide full-range IoT services comprising consulting, development and implementation, analytics, support and evolution.

Whether you plan to upscale an existing IoT application, launch a new IoT initiative, or integrate your IoT solution with a legacy system – we can help you unlock the value of IoT to address your business challenge.

KMG can also help you advance your cloud initiatives and maximize business value. With deep industry understanding and many cloud projects under our belt, we can help you harness the cloud to open new avenues of collaboration and optimize your value chain to generate profit and growth.

Product Implementation Support

We are a software company providing world-class software implementation solutions to businesses in P&C insurance and healthcare industries. Our implementation process provides a flexible & scalable framework for delivering projects on time, within budget, while also maintaining the assured quality and meeting customer’s current & future challenges.

Having more than three decades of experience in IT, we have a very strong expertise in software implementation. Our product implementation support services encompass the full spectrum of planning, technology, development, integration, implementation and support.

We have a pool of highly-qualified engineers having expertise in software development, user experience design, and project management and test the implementation process centering on quality assurance, reliability and also provide maintenance support management as required.

Mobile Application Development

Mobility is considered to be one of the most effective means for any business to be connected to their customers. A robust mobile application will help your business streamline operations and help you tackle Big Data. At KMG, we aim to provide reliable, scalable, robust and secure mobile application development solutions for smartphones, tablets, or both, ensuring 100% customer engagement and satisfaction.

Our mobile app development team includes highly skilled developers, senior-level business analysts, UX experts, and mobile engineers who have the business acumen of building both native and cross-platform applications.

From cloud-based application development to iOS & Android app development, we develop mobile apps for various operating systems and mobile platforms; harnessing the latest tools, and frameworks. As an experienced mobile software development company, KMG can help you develop & implement feature-rich mobile apps and convert your business needs into profitable opportunities.

Let's talk about how your vision can be turned into a usable solution with our Custom Development service.