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AI Trends propelling Insurance Industry

Jun 15, 2021
AI Trends propelling Insurance Industry

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance

As AI becomes more deeply blended into the industry, carriers must reposition to react to the dynamic business landscape. Artificial Intelligence Insurance organizations understand the factors contributing to this change and how AI will reshape claims, administration, and underwriting. Insurers are gradually welcoming technologies and building the perspective needed to be successful in insurance industry segments.

AI during COVID-19

The severance from COVID-19 changed the timelines for the enactment of AI by significantly expediting digitization for insurers. Almost overnight, companies had to house remote workforces, develop their digital capabilities to maintain distribution, and upgrade their online carriers. While most companies chose not to invest heavily in AI during the pandemic, the heightened emphasis on digital technologies and a greater willingness to adopt change will put them in a better position to consolidate Artificial Intelligence in Insurance services. Listed below are four technology trends tightly coupled with AI that will reinvigorate the insurance industry.

Data from Associated Devices

Sensor equipment has been prevalent in industrial settings, but the coming years are bound to expand the number of connected consumer devices. The penetration and insertion of existing devices (such as cars, fitness trackers, home accessories) will continue to progress rapidly. The apparent avalanche of original data created by these devices will empower carriers to know their clients more profoundly, ending in new product classifications, more personalized pricing, and real-time service delivery.

 The predominance of Physical Robotics

The area of robotics has seen many recent accomplishments, and this thriving change will continue to transform how humans interact with the world around them. Programmable, autonomous drones; and intensified surgical robots will all be commercially feasible. A more substantial dimension of conventional vehicles will have advanced features, such as self-driving inclinations. Insurance carriers will need to conjecture how the growing proximity of robotics in everyday life and across enterprises will displace customer expectations and facilitate unique products and channels.

Data Ecosystems

As data becomes omnipresent, open-source protocols will appear to ensure data can be shared and used across industries. Various public and private entities will collectively create ecosystems to partake data for multiple use cases. These ecosystems would exist within a standard regulatory and cybersecurity structure. For example, wearable data could be ported instantly to insurance providers, and home and auto data could be made feasible through a multitude of consumer device producers.

Evolution of Cognitive Technologies

Intricate neural networks and other deep learning technologies used for image, voice, and unstructured text processing will emerge to be applied in a broad assortment of applications. These cognitive technologies are based on the human brain’s ability to absorb through dissolution and reasoning. These technologies will become the conventional approach for preparing the large and complex data formed by insurance products fastened to an individual’s behavior and actions.

Carriers will have access to models that are regularly learning and readjusting to the world around them. This transformation will be due to the enhanced commercialization of such technologies empowering new product categories and engagement techniques while reacting to shifts in underlying prospects or behaviors in real-time.


Accelerated progress in Artificial Intelligence technologies in the next decade will lead to disruptive changes in the insurance industry. AI-based insurance carriers are using technologies to devise innovative products, tackle cognitive learning insights from unique data sources, streamline processes, surpass customer expectations and more economical costs. This transformation is bound to make them thrive in the oncoming decades of the insurance industry.

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