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Artificial Intelligence will change the face of Healthcare!

Mar 9, 2023
AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been disrupted by new technologies, particularly machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). With immense power to bring improvements in quality, accessibility, and cost, AI is expected to impact the healthcare industry for the better.

AI has many benefits over traditional analytics. In healthcare, it refers to the use of complex algorithms designed to perform certain tasks automatically. When doctors and researchers insert data into computers, these algorithms can review and even suggest solutions to complex medical issues.

In this blog, we have listed three areas where AI will be at its most effective within the healthcare industry over the coming years:


Healthcare providers spend a lot of money on customer service. It is identified as an area where machine learning can step in and increase cost-effectiveness, especially in an era of burgeoning AI technology. A chatbot can provide 24/7 service and is more reliable, cutting down the risk of human error.

Though only easier customer service tasks can be handled by chatbots now, more complex tasks can be dealt with precision as the technology is developing. The time is not far when healthcare customer service is likely to become completely automated.

Cyber Security

With the advent of newer technology like AI, healthcare professionals are able to involve with patients better. And with these advancements, the risk of cyber-attacks have also grown over the past few years.  The WannaCry cyber-attack that happened in 2017 is still fresh in everyone’s minds, which is a real concern for healthcare professionals.

Technologies like AI and Machine Learning can sift through massive amounts of data and hence, very effective in this area of healthcare.

Medical Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence can diagnose much more accurately and give more reliable results than medical professionals, ruling out the risk of patients suffering a heart attack, or undergoing any unnecessary surgery. With immediate detection of symptoms and diseases, a lot of money can be saved and also reduce the risk of fatalities.

It’s not just the traditional healthcare organizations who are investing in AI. Most advanced healthcare facilities are also adopting AI technology and attempting to make diagnosis easy, minimizing the time between tests and treatments.

At KMG, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations make the right choices. We strive to deliver solutions that improve care efficiency and enhance patient experience thereby increasing patient engagement and improving the health and wellness of patients and communities.

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