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BPO Segment in the Insurance Paradigm

Jul 13, 2021

Business process outsourcing (BPO) outlines a strategic and effective option for businesses looking to succeed in turbulent times. BPO is a swift and definite resolution to decrease costs, aid organizations in enduring the financial downturn and plan for anticipated growth and development. Rapid cost reduction is mandatory for companies trying to persevere in the most challenging economic climate, as COVID-19 is.

While insurance companies already outsource profoundly transactional methods such as claims and wages, new business processing and underwriting assistance, they can obtain significant supplementary value by leveraging BPO for other processes. A BPO provider with extensive domain knowledge can maintain customer retention and exploit new sales channels.

Advantages of BPOs
1. Increased Flexibility in Operations

By outsourcing primary company functions, organizations can utilize internal resources for essential business operations and core competencies. BPOs allow companies to react positively to evolving market dynamics quickly by enabling them to update their processes as per the changes occurring in the market. If companies are not hiring additional in-house resources, they do not need to worry about equipment and software.

Outsourcing is the best answer in place when project movement is irregular or periodically. It enables them to improve or reduce the amount of work to outsource according to outline specifications without engaging full-time workers and giving them fixed salaries.

2. Brand Building

If companies outsource non-critical processes such as policy checking, insurance renewal processes, they can save enough time and effort. The accumulated time and effort can further be used in improving the nature of the products and services, along with brand building and relevant marketing endeavors. Brand image is important to keep company business stable, especially in the long run.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

Outsourcing insurance business processes lead to saving money by trimming down on expenses on securing additional in-house workers. Outsourcing service providers can efficiently manage business methods along with administering benefits like personalized services and distinct workforces. Implementing variable-cost patterns such as fee-for-service plans instead of executing fixed-cost standards is a viable option. They also do not require augmentation of office space to house more employees, conserving more on real estate prices.

Effective Insurance BPO Utilization
1. Pragmatic Deployment Programs

Although outsourcing is being implemented for expense, a restrained, tightly sequenced but balanced program that meets breakthroughs and is not turbulent to the business has a higher chance of success. In their rush to evade more charges, companies can sometimes push for an unrealistic roadmap. When the first failure occurs because processes are improperly documented, or work shadowing is insufficient, the negative factors come out in force. A deployment approach that produces steam over time after the success of primary stages is far more likely to coincide with company objectives.

2. Alignment

In the insurance industry, there are usually four key alignment features. First and foremost, the provider must comprehend what preferences are relevant to the client and tailor its working style consequently. Second, the provider must compose its deliverables to sustain the client’s needs. Third, the provider must have reliable and proven insurance specialty expertise to design and produce the program. And fourth, recording operations and processes is a must to assure the provider has a comprehensive knowledge and insights into the copious compliance statutes to which the client must stick.

3. Account for Budgets

Engineering savings into the prevailing year’s budget in advance warrants managers to have no excuse but to be charged to implementing the BPO program. It is particularly valid for cost-centered purposes such as underwriting, policy reforms, claims and expenses. A BPO provider with insurance domain expertise grasps the varieties of cost savings that can be achieved per outsourced process and can operate with the client to manufacture a contract specifically invented to succeed them.

4. Systems and Technology Optimization

As a result of growth by alliances and acquisitions, most insurance companies employ a wide array of diverse policy and claims systems across their business. This process is ineffective, costly and possibly fraught with error. Condensing systems and technology platforms into one or two operations performed by a BPO provider can improve customer service, greater productivity and performance, and reduce cost.


The Insurance BPO industry is on a roll, aiding business growth and helping serve clients more proactively. With standardizing, the insurance organizations will be well-positioned to take the next round to reconstruct processes through technology and character, taking them to the next level of performance

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