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CIOs Are Leveraging Hyperautomation to Scale Up Business. Know How!

Jan 25, 2023
Hyper automation to Scale Up Business

Since technology is rapidly evolving, every organization needs to streamline its processes in order to decrease expenses, increase revenue and improve productivity. Moreover, the ever-growing customer expectations are coercing CIOs to ensure digital investments accelerate their organization’s revenue growth.

Leveraging AI and automation is the only possible way to achieve this. A recent PwC report states, “The greatest economic gains from AI will be equivalent to a total of $10.7 trillion by 2030, which accounts for almost 70% of the global economic impact.”

However, the existing automation processes are limited to simple tasks and often fail to automate complex & end-to-end activities.

Then, how to boost your company’s digital transformation? How will CIOs scale up the productivity and ROI of their businesses?

Here’s where hyper-automation comes into the picture that significantly contributes towards digital transformation. Hyper automation is the latest buzzword in today’s business world. It can help businesses to become more efficient, agile, and productive.

This blog will discuss the importance of hyper-automation and how it will help CIOs to enhance business growth.

How Does Hyper automation Differ From Automation?

Doesn’t this sound a lot like automation? Though in some way, it is. Automation implies the replacement of time-consuming and repetitive manual processes with faster and technological alternatives; hyper-automation is just a more extensive form of this function. As a result, businesses can perform tasks in even less time with higher accuracy.

Why Should Businesses Prioritize Hyper automation?

Hyper automation is a journey where each step is based on a more competent, effective, and hyper automated approach for accelerated business processes and achieving targeted goals. It also helps organizations to integrate the right technology and augment them appropriately for streamlined results.

Businesses Prioritize Hyperautomation

Listed below are a few ways hyper-automation can help expedite business processes.

  • Enhances Operational Efficiency:

Hyper automation can help businesses enhance overall operational efficiency by efficiently delegating low-value, mundane and repetitive tasks. This frees up the employees’ time so that they can dedicate more time to important and complex tasks.

Additionally, hyper-automation also helps organizations develop more agile and efficient decision-making processes that result in improved strategy development and higher ROI.

  • Improves Client Service:

Hyper automation plays a prodigious role in customer service as it automates the mundane and repetitive operations that help customer support representatives to focus on satisfactory client engagement.

It helps support executives aggregate client data from their previous interactions, allowing them to get familiar with the customer background and the issue. This enables them to rapidly provide customers with better solutions, thereby improving client satisfaction and retention.

  • Increases ROI & Reduces Cost:

By integrating hyper-automation in business processes, increasing profits while decreasing expenses becomes really simple. Although there is an inceptive investment to set it up, the long-term savings can be quite significant.

Integrating automation technologies and tools in an organization’s workflow not only boosts business efficiency but also enhances revenue, employee productivity, and an increased number of satisfied clients. As predicted by Gartner, “By 2024, leveraging hyper-automation will help companies to reduce their operational costs by 30%.”

  • Higher Accuracy & Accelerated Speed:

Hyper automation ensures seamless execution of complex processes that improve speed and accuracy of business operations.

Nowadays, due to the substantial usage of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and deep learning, end-to-end automation processes are made possible. As a result, a noticeable acceleration in the speed and accuracy of the operations has been witnessed.

  • Better Data Analysis:

With hyper-automation technology, businesses can analyze both structured and unstructured data using complex analytical tools. It enables businesses to access previously unavailable data and use it for analysis, thereby allowing them to acquire crucial actionable insights and achieve business objectives.

  • Eases Complex Processes:

Hyper automation eliminates complex operations that depend on human knowledge input, allowing the workforce to concentrate on vital tasks that lead to business growth. Adopting hyper-automation is essential as it accelerates the entire process of digital transformation.

Leveraging RPA, AI & ML and combining the correct strategic tool with virtual reality can reflect the true essence of digital transformation.

Wrapping Up

To meet the growing market and consumer demands, businesses are inclining towards embracing hyper-automation. It is considered new normal for companies and takes the automation journey to the next level.

Moreover, hyper-automation brings together numerous facets of automation along with its impeccable technology integration, thereby unlocking the maximum power of automation and helping your business soar high.

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