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Complex Health Data made Easy through Technology

Mar 2, 2021
Health data with BI Platforms

Complex Health Data Technology

Healthcare companies hold more data than ever before. While managing this huge amount of data can be daunting, it’s also incredibly valuable for medical professionals when it comes to improving care and cutting costs.

As the amount of patients’ data continues to increase, technology has been keeping pace to help healthcare facilities overcome data complexity. Earlier, hospitals had to depend on diverse information systems. These systems were cumbersome and not efficient in sharing patient records. But things have changed now. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) connect various information systems and help healthcare professionals to share & transfer patient information efficiently. On top of these, many medical professionals are also starting to consider data from personal health and fitness apps, which adds a whole new level of data to analyse.

Healthcare organizations today are relying on Business Intelligence (BI) platforms to provide a holistic view of each patient. At KMG, we deliver a multi-faceted approach to develop and grow Business Intelligence and Analytics systems that help clients unleash the true potential of their data. Our BI and Analytics expertise enables you to predict and transform your business into new markets and expand growth opportunities through insights-driven decision making.

Simplifying Complex Data

For BI technology to best serve healthcare, it needs to be accessible to all medical professionals, from doctors, nurses and care managers, to insurance providers.

When complex data is simplified, doctors can focus more on patients, while also taking care of their medical needs and risk factors. Data-driven care management can determine the most high-risk patients to see first – based on diagnoses, historical care patterns, dietary needs, etc., reducing the overall cost of care.

Embedded Analytics for Smarter Healthcare System

Healthcare professionals are increasingly looking to leverage smart technologies like mobile apps and wearable devices to access business analytics. This isn’t just about pulling up patient charts on computer, but also about the way they consume medical data from these devices.

Imagine a doctor performing an emergency procedure on a new patient, and while he’s working, he can ask questions to a nearby connected device about the patient’s medical history — blood type, allergies, recent health episodes, etc. The device enabled by AI technologies could respond to the doctor with real-time insights on the medical procedure and patient history. This type of conversational data consumption could provide the doctor with critical medical information to ensure the patient isn’t given a painful medication that could cause complications.

In a Nutshell

Technology has radically transformed the healthcare industry in many ways to mention. With the ability to turn large data into actionable insights using dashboards built using Tableau, Power-BI, & SSRS among other tools can be priceless for a company wanting to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry. KMG partners with its client to reach this goal, bringing forth hidden insights in the company’s data at the opportune time when decisions need to be made and plans need to be executed.

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