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Implementing Patient Engagement Solutions in Healthcare

Dec 6, 2021
Patient Engagement Solutions in Healthcare

Patient engagement solutions have gained massive significance and have achieved a vital position in the healthcare industry. Today, the healthcare industry is embracing technology to improve patient engagement and to handle the Covid-19 Pandemic. A satisfactory healthcare experience can enable the patients to feel comfortable and contended. The inculcation of technology into healthcare enables doctors to engage their patients in digital solutions which in turn satisfies them.

The Rise in Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient engagement solutions are software applications that are developed to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and patients. Patient engagement solutions empower patients in making their medical decisions during and after treatment. This, in turn, fosters trust among patients, their families, and medical professionals. Also, this leads to the development of a long-lasting relationship between the patients and the care providers. It is also noticed that a well-engaged patient makes better health decisions, which saves necessary time, enabling medical professionals to treat faster and better. Patient engagement activities involve:

  • Online Patient Portals
  • Digital Communication with the Patient
  • Surveys
  • Filling Forms
  • Online and Offline Feedback Forms
  • Interviews

RPM and AI in Patient Engagement Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a very significant application in Patient Engagement Solutions. It permits the medical professionals to keep track of the patient’s health outside a clinical setting. Patients use devices that connect them with doctors, and helps exchange relevant medical information. For example, RPM devices can fetch data on vital signs like glucose levels, heartbeat, weight, sleeping patterns, etc., and transmit this information to the doctors. This enables the healthcare professionals to treat in a much effective way.

When the patients can track their medical data directly, they become conscious of their condition, making them more compliant and eager to engage in the treatment. RPM is primarily vital for tracking chronic diseases, enabling improved patient outcomes and decreasing healthcare costs.

Artificial Intelligence also plays a crucial role in Patient Engagement Solutions:

  • AI-Powered Chatbots: Chatbots respond to patients 24*7*365. It can answer all the patient queries at any hour, which satisfies the patients.  
  • Employing Risk Assessment Strategies: AI can scan through patient data and identify high-risk patients. Automatically, this information reaches the physician, who then treats the high-risk patients timely and with utmost care.  
  • Understanding Patient Behavior’s: By using AI, patient behavior patterns can be analyzed and understood. This enables the healthcare professionals to provide the patients with personalized treatment.      

Benefits of Patient Engagement Solutions

  • Decreases Emergency Visits: When patients cooperate with healthcare professionals, they will be able to timely recognize critical illness, which will reduce their chances of getting admitted to the hospitals.
  • Increases Responsibility: With patient engagement solutions, the patients will better know their health data, which will motivate them to take responsibility for their well-being.
  • Reduces Healthcare Costs: Patient engagement will encourage the patients to take preventive measures by working consistently with the care providers, improving their well-being and decreasing emergency healthcare costs.
  • Round the Clock Access: Patient engagement solutions enable people to receive information 24*7, anytime and anywhere.
  • Better Health Outcomes: With proper patient engagement solutions, the patients collaborate and communicate efficiently with the health care professionals, which results in quality healthcare outcomes.
  • Improved Patient Retention Rate: When patients are engaged, they feel contended about the overall service. This opens the door for enhanced patient retention. 
  • Greater Compliance with Healthcare:  With advanced technology, it becomes easier for people to book appointments online or instantly answer. This will lead to better compliance with the healthcare sector.

Presently, the healthcare industry is prioritizing patient engagement for business purposes and as a moral imperative. In the future, care providers are expected to push forward and innovate at a fast pace. If utilized correctly, patient engagement solutions will make the coming days of the healthcare industry refulgent.

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