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Improve Hospital Communication with a Clinical Alerting System

Feb 23, 2021
Improve Hospital Communication with a Clinical Alerting System

Clinical Alerting System

As hospitals grew bigger from multi-patient to single and double occupancy rooms, the medical staff often fail to provide the best care possible. The need for effective clinical communication became painfully evident.

Medical professionals continue using mobile devices and apps to better coordinate care. A patient’s heart monitor is beeping. Another is reporting pain. Someone wants to speak with a doctor. One patient’s lab results have come in. The list goes on, and the inefficiency that results from poor communication procedures sometimes frustrates the staff members.

Hospital systems generate a lot of valuable information that needs to be shared with the right staff and will otherwise result in slower responses to critical events, thereby affecting patient care and safety. A unified notification system is what healthcare facilities require.

At KMG, we have designed a digital, platform-independent, rule-based notification tool (‘Amplify’), that can notify your doctors, nursing staff, and even the non-clinical staff by sending clear, secure updates on events that affect patient care across channels, thereby ensuring a faster response.

Quick action to address time-critical alerts!

Clinical alerting systems are designed to reduce the constant buzzing of systems. With clinical notification software; patient monitoring alerts, nurse call alerts, test results, and other important reminders can be sent to the right staff members on their mobile devices through a secure, reliable communication system. This notification software can even allow care teams to access real-time patient data, thereby improving the care continuum.

A more intelligently connected hospital!

Keeping track of constant beeps is an overwhelming task to tackle manually. By delivering alerts to the right care team members, these alerting systems can reduce constant beeping in hospital premises. With timely notifications, clinicians will have all the necessary information to respond quickly and make informed decisions. This will not just improve patient satisfaction and safety, but also safeguard physician sanity.

Our clinical notification tool (‘Amplyfy’) is designed to monitor multiple systems for events and trigger alerts to pre-defined distribution lists when any rule is triggered or a threshold is breached. Amplyfy can detect both commissions (e.g. ‘Patient with Covid Symptoms Admitted’ or ‘Abnormal Test Results’) and omissions (e.g. ‘test results not received for over 4 hours’), format the messages and deliver them securely to the pre-defined distribution lists in near real-time.

Being able to reach medical staff within seconds of a critical alert will further improve overall workflow and staff productivity, all in the interest of top-notch patient care. These changes in the healthcare industry are aiding medical staff to act promptly during emergencies, and respond to patient needs immediately.

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