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Influence Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Feb 25, 2023
the process of Digital Transformation in healthcare

With significant technological advancements essential for accessing health information, the healthcare sector has embraced digital transformation to deliver unparalleled service to its consumers. Digital transformation in healthcare has improved staff productivity, automation of critical workflow processes, enhancement of patient services, etc. However, digital transformation in healthcare is not growing at a rapid pace. The main reason is not a technological impediment but the sensitive nature of healthcare, the impact of its services on consumers’ lives, and the culture in healthcare organizations. This blog will explain the role of digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare sector, the term digital transformation implies the utilization of advanced technologies and innovative approaches to bring out the best from the industry while providing more sustainable value to patients, health workers, and the healthcare organization themselves. Healthcare digital transformation is the constructive use of technology to enhance the patient experience, streamline operations and make quality patient care cheaper and more accessible.  

With an immense volume of patients visiting health facilities, these organizations need to embrace digital solutions and strategies to provide quality patient care. Particularly, manually dealing with a colossal volume of patient information is often challenging for healthcare companies. Therefore, health-based companies need to adopt digital transformation to provide rapid and better patient service. According to a recent report, over the projected period of 2019–2024, the Global Digital Transformation in Healthcare Market size is anticipated to grow USD 50.15 billion, representing a compound annual growth rate of CAGR of 14.5 percent (source). 

The infographic below indicates the digital transformation trends contributing to the digitalization of the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Digital Trends

Why Select KMG as your Digital Transformation Partner?

Optimized Workflow: Digital transformation in healthcare eliminates paperwork, decreases the patient examination time, and enables convenient and timely access to accurate patient information. This, in turn, optimizes the workflow.  

Reduced Cost: Choosing KMG as your digital transformation partner allows you to reduce expenditures. This enables healthcare organizations to invest in other verticals, which will lead to growth.

Advanced In-house Communication: With digital transformation, the in-house medical professionals use advanced communication techniques for faster data exchange, more accurate diagnosis of patients, and other internal matters.      

Better Client Engagement: Embracing digital transformation enables efficient online two-way communication with consumers and patients regarding any queries, complaints, appointments, doctor consultations, etc. which facilitates excellent client engagement.   

Secured Transmission of Data: Digital transformation in healthcare facilitates the creation of a secure database for electronic health records, which enables healthcare professionals to access and share patient health data seamlessly and securely.

Enhanced Healthcare Services: With digital transformation in healthcare, better, personalized, and more accurate healthcare services are offered to the patients. This leads to enhanced consumer satisfaction and retention

Final Thoughts

Healthcare digital technology will continue to improve, and the efficiency and quality of patient care will continue to enhance due to the evolving digital transformation. At Primis, we try to provide the most powerful digital healthcare solutions for medical organizations. Talk to our professionals today and know how your healthcare organization can benefit from the healthcare digital transformation provider.

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