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QA Testing in Insurance – A Seamless Experience

Oct 25, 2021
QA testing

The insurance industry is repositioning its focus from IT investments to transformation in applications; to refine business processes, fulfill customer needs and enhance customer loyalty. As the industry is acquiring agile methods of development and accepting newer technologies, software complexities are increasing day by day. Effective quality assurance testing has become essential to accelerate the adoption of business applications by insurance houses.

The Need for Testing in Insurance

For the insurance sector, the complexities of contemporary technologies and systems can impede QA testing efforts. Insurance companies need certified test professionals and specialists to test the applications. The insurance division depends on several types of software enabling them to run their businesses smoothly. It includes complicated functionalities like claim underwriting, policy administration, etc. With such colossal variation in the insurance sector, QA testing has become a complex and crucial task to ensure the application and products are as per the customer’s requirements.

QA testing looks into the proper end-to-end functioning, which improves customer satisfaction, cost-effectivity, and bug-free applications. Insurance QA testing examines if the applications meet the customer requirements by guaranteeing performance, quality, consistency, and durability. The robustness of an application is proved by QA testing.

Areas of QA Testing in Insurance

  • Policy Serving: Policy Lapse and Renewal, Policy Life Cycle Testing, Premium Due Alerts, Valuation of NPV/NAV
  • Call Center: Security and Access, IVR Integration Testing, Call Routing
  • Direct Channel: Application Performance, Cross-Platform Accessibility, Usability of Application, Mobile Access
  • Claims: Testing Claims Lifecycle, Claims Accounting
  • Underwriting: Rating Efficiency, Vendor Interfacing, Underwriting Quality
  • BI/Reports: Generation of Quality Data for Reporting, Creation of Bulk Data for Roll-up Reports, Testing Formula Based Fields in Reports
  • Integration: Complex Interface Integration, Integration of Data, Web Service Pull/Push Efficiency, Source/Destination Formats
  • New Business: Benefit Illustration, Benefit Summary Validation, Quick and Detailed Quote, Commissioning Calculation Settlements, Validation of Rates-Factor Combinations.   

Benefits of QA Testing in Insurance

  • Improvement in Durability: Testing improves the insurance applications as all test cases, and bugs are upgraded promptly. This upgradation results in the applications running for a more extended period, which further boosts the organization’s profit.
  • Improvement in Consistency: The QA testing ensures that the applications in the insurance companies constantly run without any disturbance and in an error-free manner.
  • Enhancement of Reusability: In insurance, testing enhances the reusability of the applications by upgrading them according to the market needs. 
  • Cost-Effective: QA testing is required to be done timely and at regular intervals. Otherwise, the undetected bugs are expensive to fix. So, implementing the QA testing strategies and making the applications error-free from the initial level can save thousand dollars.
  • Brings Security: The safety and security of the applications are of utmost importance. The insurance applications, including sensitive customer information, have to be kept securely. QA testing in insurance helps develop the application and examine the vulnerabilities, making the application safer and more secure.   
  • Better User Experience: Appropriate QA testing of the software applications enables the users to have a better experience and hassle-free navigation.

The absolute reliance of the insurance sector is on agency software management systems. So, the proper running of the software application testing is vital. Henceforth, implementing the right QA testing strategy will drive the AI & ML transforming in insurance industry towards a promising future.    

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