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The Rise of Interoperability in Healthcare

Jan 7, 2022
Interoperability in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, accessing and sharing data securely has always been a challenge. It isn’t easy to share health data since it is sensitive and needs considerable security and privacy. Yet, the impotence to access it when required has the potential to cause crucial harm. Healthcare interoperability lies at the core of seamless care collaboration and advancing data analytics.

Interoperability is the ability of various systems, information, applications, and devices to access, interchange, integrate and use electronic data in a coordinated manner to furnish seamless and timely portability for a personalized care service and effectual health management. The talk around Interoperability emphasizes mainly Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems; the goal is to make sure that patients and their care providers access all the healthcare information. But the value of Interoperability goes beyond EHRs. With enhanced Interoperability, the healthcare sector can provide better patient safety and improve patient experiences.

Benefits of Healthcare Interoperability
  • Improved Staff Productivity: The productivity of healthcare professionals is of utmost significance. With Interoperability, it would be easier for them to access information in a streamlined manner. Working with digitalized data saves time in searching and updating records.
  • Improved Patient Care: Interoperability is key to enhancing patient care. By acquiring the correct data at the right time, health professionals can make better decisions. This improvement in patient care is only possible with Interoperability.
  • Fewer Errors: Patient safety is predominant in the delivery of exemplary care service. The ability for healthcare professionals to access data at a vital point is the key to averting medical errors. Henceforth, accessibility and accuracy facilitated by Interoperability decrease these risks and enhance the quality of care.
  • Reduced Costs: Interoperability will prevent the requirement to have duplicate tests because the test results of the patients can be accessed by healthcare professionals from anywhere and anytime. This, in turn, saves cost.
  • Safeguarding Patient Data: The responsibility of healthcare professionals is to keep the patients’ data private and secure. They do this by using Interoperability which involves fewer touches of data and paperwork. This makes the process more secure. The fewer people who update patient information, the more confidential the data stays. The IT department in healthcare companies should set up strict rules regarding the allowance for accessing data. This makes it easier to monitor staff compliance and perform audits in case of a data breach. 
  • Enhanced Patient Experiences: The experience of the patients is highly significant in the healthcare industry. Patients deserve to acquire their medical records so that they can be more active regarding their health. They also don’t want to go through paperwork every time they visit the healthcare companies. Also, they should receive continuous care from all their care providers. All these things are brought to the patients with Interoperability which contributes to patient satisfaction. 

Healthcare interoperability will continue to improve and evolve as new developments take place. But the healthcare sector will not receive the benefits of Interoperability until the whole healthcare IT ecosystem can impeccably connect and transmit all necessary non-clinical and clinical data to yield the most well-informed and best possible patient outcome. Till then, the integration will continue to develop as it aims for meaningful Interoperability.   

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