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What 2023 has in store for Digital Transformation?

Mar 12, 2021
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

2022 was undoubtedly a year for change. The uncertainty of this pandemic continues to stay with us in 2023.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our lives and businesses, forcing significant changes in the way we work. Organizations must understand the implications these changes have on their business, and identify opportunities to fuel growth.

Companies of all sizes are under increasing pressure to stay competitive and create connected experiences. CIOs and IT leaders must accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by doubling down on agile, flexible technologies to unlock new business opportunities that can help them succeed amid today’s uncertain climate.

The last few months have produced more digital transformation than the last decade. In this blog, let’s have a look on the digital transformation trends companies should look forward to in 2023.

Greater Application of AI and ML

The year 2020 has given these two game-changers — Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning new opportunity & urgency and will continue to propel organizations through digital transformation in 2023.

AI supported platforms are beginning to ‘coach’ users for better conclusions by working discreetly in the background. For companies that leverage AI/ML technologies and maintain their data in the cloud, will deliver functionality and value.

Further, grilling huge amounts of data and then presenting irregularities in the proper business context, AI and ML are going to be on top of mind for technology decision makers at all levels in 2023.

CDP(Customer Data Platform): More Data means more Management

With the outgrowth of the IoT, companies now have huge amount of data stored in different places, from multiple sources. Though it’s good news for IT leaders looking to gain insights into their customers’ minds, the flip side is that these connected devices produce a lot of data companies don’t really need. Fragmented data from different sources can be difficult to organize, where customer data platform (CDP) can help.

CDPs collect data from all available sources and organize it, making it usable for anyone who needs access to it. And now because of new work-from-home operational models and continuing acceleration of data collection, CDPs will become very relevant in 2023.

Improved Agility

In the era of ever-shifting landscape, digital transformation has become vital to accelerate business processes and fully leverage available opportunities.

If the organization is limited by its applications, it’s going to be very difficult to change direction quickly. Their business value and potential outlays will remain unconsidered. Rather than creating big development projects with a big upfront scope, IT leaders should focus on creating an agile culture that allows the business to develop an iterative approach to application development.

Optimised IT Spend

Companies must optimise how their IT spend is allocated. Freeing organizations from legacy applications and migrating those to the cloud can seem like an expensive proposition. With less money to invest and more IT to do, companies are spending their budgets on areas that will accelerate digital business.

By focusing on a flexible cloud strategy, organizations can respond quickly to new opportunities and challenges. Successful legacy application re-platforming requires modularizing monolithic app architecture, making it easier to use with native cloud services.

While some applications will require a simple ‘lift and shift’ approach, others may need to be re-architected. When migrating, make sure to check your cloud service hierarchy in alignment with the application.

Cyber Security gets a jolt

With the pandemic, it has become imperative that companies shore up their networks and upgrade their cybersecurity strategies. As per the experts, it is expected to see an increase in attempted nefarious activities in this year as well, companies would require more sophisticated tools and algorithms like AI and Machine Learning to fish out.

IT leaders must ensure their organizations invest in critical areas like backup and data management that provides accurate real-time data, ransomware protection, and speeds up test and development environments. Investing in these areas ensures privacy, while also reducing the risk of innovation.

The 2022 pandemic was the first truly global event in all of human history forcing everyone; individuals and organizations at once, to adapt and innovate.

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